Co-founder of the groups Pezda/Gawęda Duo, Mateusz Gawęda Trio, PeGaPoFo and Cracow Jazz Collective, whose repertoire primarily consists of his own original compositions.

Worked and performed with numerous renowned Polish and foreign jazz musicians (among others Billy Hart, John Scofield, John Medeski, Ralph Alessi, Gianni Gebbia, Albert Beger, Janusz Muniak). He recorded with ECM's artist like Maciej Obara and Ralph Alessi. The inspiration comes mainly from such musicians as Agustí Fernández, Omar Sosa, Herbie Hancock, Ahmad Jamal, Igor Stravinsky and Wojciech Kilar, but most for his love of music and the need to explore the world…


- PeGaPoFo „Świeżość” (2015)
- Cracow Jazz Collective "No More Drama" (2016)
- Silberman and Three of a Perfect Pair (2016)
- Mateusz Gawęda Trio "Overnight Tales" (2016)
- D.R.A.G. "Oberek" (2017)
- Silberman New Quintet "Pieśni Gęsi Kanadyjskich" (2017)
- Mateusz Gawęda Trio "Falstart" (2018)
- ZK Collaboration „Double Universe” (2018)
- Silberman Quartet "Asanisimasa" (2019)
- Klara Cloud & The Vultures "Vauna" (2019)
- Więcek & Gawęda feat. Ralph Alessi "Berry" (2019)



fot. Pavol Stanik