Mateusz Gaweda

Mateusz Gawęda - born in 1990 pianist, composer 

Graduate of the Krakow Academy of Music, where he studied jazz piano under Dr. Joachim Mencel. Co-founder of the groups Pezda/Gawęda Duo, Mateusz Gawęda Trio, PeGaPoFo and Cracow Jazz Collective, whose repertoire primarily consists of his own original compositions.
Worked and performed with numerous renowned Polish and foreign jazz musicians. He recorded with ECM’s artist like Maciej Obara and Ralph Alessi.

Winner of numerous awards:

2017 – Nomination of "Fryderyki 2017" prize as a Debut of the Year (for the Mateusz Gawęda Trio - "Overnight Tales" album)
2016 – Individual prize from Stainway & Sons company.
2015 – Special prize "for best pianist" w Open Contest for Jazz Personality 2015 among 51. Jazz On The Odra Festival.
2015 – Wyróżnienie w kategorii open za utwór "Polish Drama" podczas IX Konkursu Kompozytorskiego im.Krzysztofa Komedy
2013 – Grand Prix at the “Young Jazz Breeze” competition, as part of the XXII International KROKUS JAZZ FESTIWAL in Jelenia Góra (PeGaPoFo)
2013 Grand Prix at the II Polish National Competition for Jazz Improvisation and Interpretation in Chodów (solo)
2013 – 2nd place at the 6th Azoty Group Jazz Contest in Tarnów (PeGaPoFo)
2012 – 1st place at the GORZÓW JAZZ CELEBRATIONS – XXXVIII “Key to a Career” (PeGaPoFo)
2011 1st place at the “Jazz Juniors” International Competition for Young Groups (PeGaPoFo)
2010 – Grand Prix at the 3rd Tarnów International Jazz Contest (Pezda/Gawęda Duo)
2007 – 3rd place at the IV Polish National Competition for Jazz Pianists in Warsaw (solo)

In 2015 the ForTune label will release seven originals CDs:
“Świeżość” (“Freshness”) by PeGaPoFo,
“No More Drama” by the Cracow Jazz Collective
“Silberman and Three of a Perfect Pair” 
"Silberman New Quintet"
"Oberek" by D.R.A.G. folk-jazz band
"Overnight Tales" and "Falstart" by Mateusz Gawęda Trio